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For Immediate Release: April 9, 2024


Arizona State House Candidate for Legislative District 11, Junelle Cavero Harnal Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Extreme 160-Year-Old Abortion Ban

Candidate Vows to Prioritize Reproductive Freedom in Legislative Battles, Calling for Repeal in the State Legislature; Draws Sharp Contrast with Democrats Who Waver on the Issue

Phoenix, AZ – As a proud Democrat, a mother, and a dedicated member of our West Valley community, I am running for Legislative District 11 with a firm commitment to stand up to the rollback of our reproductive freedoms. The Arizona Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold an archaic, 160-year-old abortion ban is a stark reminder of the ongoing, coordinated efforts to erode women's rights in our state. This is not just a setback; it's an alarming call to action for all of us who believe in personal liberty and the sanctity of private decision-making to stand up and fight back.

Reproductive freedom is a fundamental right that must remain between an individual and their doctor—free from governmental intrusion. Today’s decision is an extreme, near-total ban that makes no exceptions for rape or incest. That is why any Democrat running for this seat must agree to repealing this ban as soon as possible.

To my fellow candidates vying for the seat in Legislative District 11, let me be clear: wavering on this issue is not an option. We need leaders who will stand unequivocally for reproductive rights, understanding the gravity of what's at stake. We are witnessing a deliberate attack on women's autonomy, an attempt to roll back decades of progress under the guise of governance.

In my tenure, I pledge to do everything within my power to protect a woman's right to choose. This means not only opposing measures that seek to limit these rights but also proactively working to secure them through legislative action and advocacy. That is why I fully support The Arizona Right to Abortion Initiative, enshrining reproductive freedom in our Constitution, and ensuring that no judge or legislator can take them away.

The people of Arizona know that the decision to seek an abortion is deeply personal and should not fall under the purview of the government. It is a matter of personal choice, dignity, and respect. As your representative, I will tirelessly champion these values and fight for the rights of all women in Arizona. 

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